Five Things To Do In Downtown Flagstaff

Are you looking for fun things to do in downtown Flagstaff? In this article we share five of our favorite ways to enjoy downtown year round. So let’s get started!

#1: Check Out the Local Food Scene

The truth is, we all gotta eat, and in fact it is one of our favorite things to do so it’s number one on our list. The Flagstaff food scene has been erupting over the last decade or so and has transformed from just a few good spots to a wide variety of options. Not to mention that many of the restaurants now feature menus based on locally sourced products. Which is awesome. There are also a large number of relaxing patios for diners to enjoy their meal whilst people watching. What’s your favorite restaurant or patio?

Another great way to enjoy the Flagstaff food scene is by visiting our annual farmers markets. Head on over to our Guide to the Flagstaff Farmers Market article or YouTube video for details.

#2: Get Your Shop On

When you visit the downtown area of many cities you are bombarded with shop after shop of cheap swag, but not in Flagstaff. Our downtown shopping scene consists of a good number of art galleries, clothing and outdoor gear stores, candy and snack shops, and of course a couple locations for unique and fun gifts. A good number of the shops close pretty early, even on weekends so we recommend you do your shopping during daylight hours.

#3: First Friday Artwalk

One of the only exceptions to the early hour rule, is the First Friday Artwalk. Many of the shops stay open a bit later for the event and will likely even feature the work of a local artist. In addition to highlighting our communities artwork, Artwalk typically also features some kind of entertainment in Heritage Square. Especially in the summer. Flagstaff’s First Friday Artwalk is one of the best, monthly, and year round ways to enjoy Downtown, but it’s also a great way to get out of the house during the winter months.

#4: Enjoy Events in the Square

Heritage Square is the central meeting point for downtown Flagstaff. At any time it is a perfect place to sit to people watch and enjoy the ambiance, but there are also a number of coordinated events throughout the year to check out.

Two of the most popular are the Movies on the Square and the Summer Concert Series. Movies on the square is perfect for families with kids, and runs every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day from 4pm to around 9pm. Don’t forget to bring low profile chairs, blankets, snacks, and to show up early to make sure you get the best seat in the house. Movies will start around sundown. The Summer Concert Series is also kid friendly, but can really be enjoyed by everyone. The series runs every Friday, also from Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 6 to 8pm. Both of the movies and the concerts in the square are free events!

Check out the downtown events calendar HERE.

#5: Take a Tour

Lastly, and of course one of our favorites, is to take an educational downtown tour. There are a couple ways to take a self-guided walking tour of downtown. First, there are historical plaques displayed on the side of many of the historical building. Walk around and read these at your leisure. Second, access our self-guided downtown walking tour and enjoy a leisurely stroll through time. In addition, guided walking tours are sometimes offered throughout the summer.

By no means are these the only things to do in Downtown Flagstaff, but hopefully you have a pretty good idea of where to start! What are your favorite things to do in Downtown Flagstaff? If you have a question or something you think is an absolute must in the area feel free to share with everyone in the comments.

Until next time, keep exploring my friends!