Downtown Walking Tour Self Guided

Self-Guided Downtown Flagstaff Walking Tour


Experience Flagstaff’s beautiful and unique downtown on your own time with our self guided walking tour. Enjoy 12 historic locations with an interpretive video or text history at each stop. Map, videos, and text versions included. Access your tour today!


Take a Fun and Informative Stroll Through Downtown Flagstaff On Your Own Time!

**This tour is offered with two versions, both of which you will have full access to for 90 days:

  • Walk and Watch – HEADPHONES ARE A MUST You will stroll at your own pace from stop to stop and push play on the video at each stock. Videos include audio and photos.
  • Walk and Read – We will provide you with a pdf version of our walking tour, with one full page of text and pictures for each stop along your tour. No headphones required.

On this tour you will discover cool facts and interesting stories around topics like: the railroad, Route 66, the lumber industry, early residents, the naming of Flagstaff, building architecture, and more! The tour will likely take about 1.5 hours total to complete, depending on how much exploring you do or if you stop to enjoy any Flagstaff’s wonderful shops along the way.

How To Enjoy: You will only need to purchase one tour, no matter how many in your group. Simply forward your confirmation email to the other guests in your party. After your purchase, you will immediately have access to download a pdf that will take you to either the Walk and Watch or Walk and Read Tour. The Walk and Watch tour will be on a password protected page where you can look at your map and then enjoy each video. Both tours are immediately available on your checkout confirmation page.
Refunds: Due to the digital nature of the product, all self-guided tours are non-refundable. If for any reason you do not have access to your tour, please email us right away.



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