The officially accepted A-1 Steak Sauce History goes back to the 1820’s in England, but is it possible that the famous steak sauce was actually invented in Flagstaff, Arizona? Let’s find out! —— The widely accepted history of the origins of the A-1 Steak Sauce brand starts in England in the 1820’s. However, there is also a compelling local history that claims the steak sauce could have been invented in Flagstaff, Arizona. First let’s take

Why are many of the downtown Flagstaff buildings so narrow and long? In this article we will discover the reason for this oddity as well as some of the naming history of the downtown area. Let’s get started. —- The first train came through Flagstaff in 1882, and the first main depot was located less than a mile east of where the town had originally set up. Flagstaff in 1882 was located on the flank

In the 1850’s and 60’s outside of Cincinnati, OH a young family was starting that, towards the end of the century, would have an impact on the Flagstaff economy that endures to this day. In this article we will meet the five Babbitt brothers, learn more about the circumstances that brought them to the land at the base of the San Francisco Peak and discover in more detail the family’s contributions to our community. So,

On a cold January night in 1887 a tragedy occurred that set in motion a series of events that would eventually lead to the development of a brand new industry in Flagstaff. One of Flagstaff’s earliest settlers lost two sons, one man lost a brother, and the ripple effects of these two tragedies led to the start of the Flagstaff tourism industry. But how? —– Our story of tragedy and triumph starts way back in

In recent decades Flagstaff has seen a magnificent rebirth that has continued to turn it into a beautiful and fun place for locals and visitors to dine, shop, listen to music, and hang out with friends. Underneath this layer lies a rich and interesting history that should continue to be preserved. Great questions to ask about Flagstaff history are why is our downtown located where it is, what are the oldest buildings in downtown, and