February is Black History Month and in honor of this tradition let us explore the Cleo Murdoch Center Mural & the Stories behind the images. —– While driving down Butler Avenue in Flagstaff, AZ, it would be hard not to notice the big and beautiful mural on the side of The Murdoch Center. However, how many of us actually know the history behind this mural, the building it is painted on, and its significance to

In the beginning, there was mere survival. To the early residents of Flagstaff, the winter and its commonly heavy snow storms were a thing to be endured until the return of spring and a slightly easier way of life. Things like hiking, hunting, horseback riding, sledding, and snowshoeing were mere tools for hauling goods, gathering water, wrangling sheep and cattle, or for transportation. Strictly utilitarian.  Of course, as we know, life cannot remain all work

The Gateway to the Grand Canyon For the last few decades, Flagstaff, AZ has been known to travelers as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Or as the cool little mountain town along Route 66 or Interstate-40 that you remember traveling through as a kid. For many, it has been regarded as a pass-through town for folks on their way to somewhere bigger and better. Let us be among the first to tell you, that

Stop #4 on our downtown Flagstaff walking tour brings us back to the rough and rowdy, Wild West past of Flagstaff with the Parlor Saloon built by James Vail. So, let’s get started! New Town & Saloon Row When the residents first started to move their business and houses over to New Town or sometimes called the East End many were, of course, saloons. One of the very first was built by James Vail on

The San Francisco Peaks are the most dominant and popular volcanic structure on the Flagstaff horizon. However, there is another volcanic feature to the east that is nearly as impressive and is often overlooked. In this article we will discover the unique and interesting ancient volcanic history of Mount Elden. So, let’s get started! Watch the Video on YouTube What type of images come to mind when you think about volcanic eruptions? If you’re anything