Early Route 66 History In the early 20th century Route 66 or US Highway 66 was one of main arteries for settlers seeking new opportunities, tourists discovering America, and home to new and influential businesses across the country. In one way or another, we have all likely experienced the iconic nature of historic Route 66 in some way. However, what many of us don’t know is that the route that was one Route 66 began

Flagstaff in December is a time for festivities. Right on the heels of Thanksgiving and with the holidays in full swing, Flagstaff is abuzz with the spirit of winter and the turn of the New Year. While November is a slower, more reflective month, December is a bit more active with a number of annual events and activities around the holidays. Let’s dive right in to a number of the annual events that Flagstaff has

Visiting Flagstaff in November is a time for calm reflection, warm food, good friends, and day trips. By the turn of November, the peak of tourist season has passed and the winter sports season is still on the horizon. The students have all settled in, celebrated homecoming, and begun hunkering down for the rest of the semester. November is a great time to visit Flagstaff for a great number of reasons, of course that’s if

Oftentimes, early American histories focus on primarily white and relatively wealthy men and the stories of women and minorities are kept in the shadows. However, there are so many rich and interesting tales to be found in those shadows, including the story of Sharlot Hall. In many ways, she can be considered the mother of Arizona History and, even more, the reason behind the borders and perhaps even the existence of our state today. Let’s

In 1975, one of Flagstaff’s earliest and most devoted skiers married the very first female Forest Service Snow Ranger in the United States. Their story of love and devotion, to snow sports and to each other, is one for the ages. Gertrude “Jerry” Nunn Let’s start with Gertrude “Jerry” Colburn Nunn, a true ski pioneer. At the age of 14 years old in Sacramento, CA, Jerry was introduced to skiing by a girlfriend. She was